Modus Standard of Care

What we strive for

What is the Modus Standard of Care

The Modus standard of care is what we pride ourselves on at Modus Health and Performance and what sets us apart. It is the standard that we set for ourselves whenever a patient comes into the clinic.


People always ask me how we get the results that we do with people (for example, chronic pain patients and athletes), and why we achieve the lasting results that we do at our clinic. Why are we not like other places that make you rely on passive care, gimmicks or stuff that simply does not provide lasting results.


At Modus, you can guarantee one thing. We DO NOT DO cookie cutter type treatments. You may have had chiropractic, physiotherapy, acupuncture, training and massage treatment before but give us a chance….and let us show you how we can help you. Our PROCESS has been tested and most importantly gives lasting results.


We will do a full functional physical examination, to outline where the problems may be arising from and take a detailed history of your body’s injuries and typical motions. From there we will outline a plan and program catered to your injuries and your needs.