What we strive for


Three separate but related concepts that are the basis of all treatments at Modus Health and Performance. When someone experiences an injury such as acute low back pain or a severe knee injury such as an ACL tear from playing soccer or skiing, it is a pretty painful time for that individual. Our goal here at MODUS Health and Performance is to help you deal with that pain and get you moving and back to your regular everyday activities.


Just being out of pain is not enough. We want you to HEAL. The first goal of treatment is to use various methods of treatment and different pain modalities in order to help you to heal and get you moving.


Once you start to move, our specialists will help you to develop and implement a rehabilitation program or various functional rehabilitation exercises in order to regain the movement that you have lost and make everything more efficient and pain-free.


Lastly, we want you to PERFORM. Performance can mean different things to different people. For some, it is return to sporting competition, for others it could mean being able to efficiently return to work and perform your job or go about your activities of daily living with greater ease. Whatever it is for you, the goal is to return to perform those tasks pain-free, fear-free and as efficiently as possible!

Come to MODUS and let us help you get the smile back on your face knowing that pain is a distant memory!

We specialize in treating sports injuries, low Back/upper back/neck pain, joint sprains and strains, muscular injuries, repetitive strain injuries, work injuries, foot pain, jaw pain (TMJ), pre and post surgery rehabilitation and a variety of other conditions.

We also accept all WSIB claims and treat injuries that are a result of a motor vehicle accident.