Concussion Screening

Baseline Concussion Screening

What is Baseline Concussion Screening?

Concussions are serious. It seems that everyday in the news, we are hearing about some athlete's concussion or concussion related symptoms and how it is affecting him/her and this is a big problem in sports today. Concussion injuries are assessed and managed using a variety of neurological screening tests. The most common used worldwide is the SCAT2 test that has been endorsed for use in athletes at all levels, including the Olympics.

How it Works

Unfortunately, for child and youth athletes the test results can be ambiguous at best. Testing balance, coordination, memory and concentration on young athletes with NO concussion injury generates a wide variety of response how can we know POST-INJURY what is the level of that child's development and what is due to brain injury?

We need a baseline score for every youth athlete and at MODUS Health and Performance we provide this service to your young athletes, local organizations and local teams. Call Dr. Vomvas today and make an appointment.