Compression Stockings

Getting your best foot forward.

What are Compression Stockings?

Varicose Veins and swelling of the ankles indicate impaired lymphatic drainage and venous return from the legs. Gradient compression stockings have a greater compression at the ankle and less at the knee to improve the flow of blood and fluid from the ankles and feet upwards and back toward the heart.

Gradient Compression stockings can help with:

  • Leg Fatigue
  • Varicose Veins
  • Swollen ankles, feet or legs
  • People who stand and sit for prolonged periods of time

How they Work

All Gradient compression stockings are sized and fitted specifically for the patient. They are made with cool and comfortable material to wear in any weather, and are usually covered to some degree by an Extended Health Insurance Plan.

Modus Health and Performance offers Venosan Medical Stockings, a very High Grade Medical Compression Stocking with various fits, sizing and color options.